There is two different methood that we can provide you to find your ring size.

Methood A

If you have a ring and want to order with same size, you can check diameter of ring and find diameter from below table.?Or you can use on screen ring size finder by clicking HERE.

Check Inside Diameter

Methood B

To place an order for ring size you just need to know your finger?circumference. To find your finger circumference only need a piece of paper or rope and a ruler.?Don’t worry to find exact size because there is always?? 1?mm tolerance for ring sizes. Also we have free resizing service for one year after purchase if you are?not happy with your ring size.


  1. 4-stepCut a strip of paper or take a piece of rope.
  2. Wrap a strip of paper or rope to your finger.
  3. Mark the paper or rope where it completes the circle.
  4. Take the lenght of the paper or rope measurement. It will gives you circumference of your finger size. Check table circumference column and place your order.

If you don’t have a ruler check online ruler from HERE